2020 Collection Product FAQs (10)

The 2020 Take Out Menu will be available to Independent Designers and Customers beginning February 4 at 5 p.m. Central Time (CT) and throughout 2020.

Items from the 2020 Take Out Menu are limited to five (5) per Customer Retail, 10 per Designer Wholesale and three (3) per Jewelry Bar® Guest/Hostess orders.

  • Available in sizes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
  • Holds approximately 3-5 Charms (depending on the size of the Charm).



  • Can be worn as a simple hoop, or with the crystal drop. Simply open the hinge and slide off the crystal to remove.

  • Not compatible with the following Chains:
    • Moroccan Beaded Chain
    • 16-19” Dainty Crystal Dangle Chain
    • 52” Crystal Station Chain
    • 18/36” Quatrefoil Convertible Chain
    • 18/36” Oval Link Convertible Toggle Chain
    • 30” Lanyard Chain
    • 32-34” Vintage Rope Chain
    • All Cube Chains

  • Compatible with the Signature Living Locket Watch
  • Not recommended use with Charms, as the crystal rocks may damage Charms.

  • Sterling Silver 925 with real Gold plating.
  • Please handle with care and treat as fine jewelry to prolong the quality of plating.
  • Remove before bathing/washing hands.
  • Sizing is true to size; may fit smaller than the Locket ring.

RN1016           RN1017           RN1018           RN1019           RN1011           RN2016           RN2017            RN2018           RN2019           RN2011           RN3016           RN3017           RN3018           RN3019            RN3021           RN1010           RN2010           RN3010

The following Charms do not work with the Signature Living Locket Watch:

  • White Daisy Sparkle Charm – CH1494
  • Donut Charm – CH7071
  • Silver Pave Star of David Charm – CH3364
  • Sunflower Sparkle Charm – CH3338