Annual Live Sparkly Share the Sparkle Campaign (2018) FAQs (16)

This annual campaign invites Independent Designers to a submit a story, describing why a nominated person or family needs ‘sparkle’ added into their lives (including a description of the person or family’s needs such as money for groceries, utility bills, gas, mortgage/rent, medical bills and/or equipment, etc.), on the Annual Live Sparkly “Share the Sparkle” campaign nomination page. After the voting period ends, the story with the most votes will be the beneficiary of the Annual Live Sparkly “Share the Sparkle” campaign profits.


*Origami Owl® Customers may participate by submitting a story through an Independent Designer.

The Annual Live Sparkly “Share the Sparkle” campaign submission period begins August 1, 2018 through October 21, 2018. Four stories will be selected by Origami Owl® and then voted on by other Designers and Customers.  The chosen individual or family will be announced in December 2018.

Any current Origami Owl Independent Designer in good standing may submit a story, including a description of a person or family’s immediate need. To be in good standing, Independent Designers must be following the Independent Designer Agreement, Terms + Conditions document, and Policies + Procedures document.  Independent Designers will not be allowed to nominate themselves, their family members or other Designers.

Designers are invited to nominate an individual, friend, family (excluding the Designer’s own family, other Origami Owl Designers or Willing Beauty Advisors) and submit their story on Each submission should include why the nominee needs “sparkle” added back into their lives. The nomination period will end October 21, 2018. A voting component will be added November 1-18, 2018. Four stories, selected by Origami Owl, will be featured in a PR/Social Media plan with the intention to help create buzz and support voting for the story that touches your heart. In December 2018, the nominee(s) with the most votes will be chosen and the gift or financial amount will be presented.

You don’t have to be a writer to submit a story. We want to hear why you feel the individual or family deserves financial assistance. Even if it’s just 75-100 words. If your story is chosen, we will reach out for additional details.

Designers may not nominate themselves, their immediate family, another Independent Designer or Willing Beauty Advisor.

Profits from sales of the Live Sparkly Multi-Color Swarovski® Stardust Crystals, the “By Your Side” Silver Ribbon Memento with CZ and the “Nevertheless She Persisted” Live Sparkly (July Force For Good®) Promotion will go into a fund for the Annual Live Sparkly “Share the Sparkle” campaign.

The individual or family with the most votes will be the beneficiary of the Annual Live Sparkly “Share the Sparkle” campaign and receive a gift or financial amount. The funds earned will be used to help meet a need of the individual or family chosen. The gift may be awarded in the form of needed items, paid bills, or a financial award. The mode and method of the gift are at the sole discretion of Origami Owl.

Visit, and hover over the Share Your Story tab in the navigation bar.  Click on the “Annual Share the Sparkle” dropdown and fill out the nomination form at the bottom of the page.

Only the four stories (selected at Origami Owl’s sole discretion) will be posted online for voting.

Once a final individual or family is determined, Origami Owl will reach out to the Designer who submitted the nomination. We will work with the Designer to plan a presentation to the nominee with the most votes.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by Origami Owl at its sole discretion.

We request that you please receive written permission via email prior to sharing anyone’s story. If your story submission is submitted as one of the final four entries, the nominees will be required to complete a Right of Publicity statement and verify the validity of the story prior to it being shared on the website for voting purposes.

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