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If a Designer is experiencing a medical issue or a hardship that could prevent them from generating the required PV, they should notify Career and Guideline Support prior to month end at to request an extension.

Beginning July 2018, Executive Team Leaders and above will become Inactive after one (1) calendar month of less than 75 PV (Personal Volume). As an Inactive Designer, they will permanently lose their team, achieved rank and the ability to sponsor New Designers (until becoming Active by generating 75 PV before Sponsoring a New Designer).

This is the compensation plan that outlines how Independent Designers earn money each month through personally selling products and sales made by those on their Team of other Independent Designers.


The Career Plan can be found in your Back Office under Designer Resources > Designer Resource Library > Career + Guideline Support Resources or by clicking here.

The term identifies an Independent Designer (“Designer”) as an independent businessperson working with, not an employee of, Origami Owl. This term is used to describe every Independent Designer.

A “Team” refers to an Independent Designer (Level 0) and their Independent Designers Levels one (1) through four (4).

A “Level” is the layer of Downline Independent Designers in an Independent Designer’s organization. This term refers to the relationship of an Independent Designer relative to an Upline Independent Designer. The Level is determined by the number of Independent Designers between them who are related by Mentor.


For example, if A Mentors B, who Mentors C, who Mentors D, who Mentors E, then E is on A’s Level four (4).

An “Organization” refers to an Independent Designer (Level 0) and all Independent Designers down through all levels.

A “Mentor” is the Independent Designer who is directly above another Independent Designer on a Team.

An “Upline” refers to the Independent Designer(s) above an Independent Designer in the genealogy up to Origami Owl. It is the genealogy that links an Independent Designer to Origami Owl.

“Downline Genealogy” is Origami Owl’s overall organizational structure that indicates where Independent Designers are assigned to be mentored.

The “Retail Sales Commission” (or “Commission” as used in the Policies & Procedures) is the profit earned by an Independent Designer for retail sales made to Customers. The Retail Sales Commission is dependent on an Independent Designers status.

All Independent Designers start at the 20%-40% commission rate. Independent Designers who reach Storybuilder (250 PV) will earn a commission of 30%-50% the following month Storybuilder is achieved.

PV stands for Personal Volume. Personal Volume (PV) is a point value assigned to each commissionable product sold. Business Supplies, Hostess Rewards, Starter Kits and some promotional items are not assigned PV.

Independent Designers must meet a monthly minimum PV requirement of 75 to be qualified to receive commissions, maintain a Team (Downline) and to be qualified for their Upline.

To receive all benefits of a Career Title, required PV for the Career Title must be met each month.

All Independent Designers must generate a minimum of 75 PV each month to remain a qualified Independent Designer for purposes of the Career Plan. If an Independent Designer fails to generate at least 75 PV in a month, they will be given notice at the beginning of the following month advising them they are in danger of becoming an Inactive Independent Designer and they have that month, plus the next month, to return to generating at least 75 PV per month (this is a rolling 3-month period) to remain an Active Independent Designer.

Independent Designers must produce 75 PV in one (1) of three (3) months to be considered an “Active” Independent Designer.

A “Personally Sponsored Qualified” Independent Designer is an Independent Designer who is “Personally Sponsored” and has generated a minimum of 75 PV in any given month.

A “Sponsor” is the Independent Designer who introduces a new Independent Designer to the Company and/or product and whom the new Independent Designer enrolled with.

After three (3) consecutive months of not generating at least 75 PV (Personal Volume) or greater per month, an Independent Designer will become Inactive; which means loss of Downline Team permanently, ranking down to Designer and no longer able to sponsor any new Independent Designers until becoming Active again (by generating at least 75 PV prior to Sponsoring a new Independent Designer).


*Currently, Inactive Designer accounts with 0 PV for 12 consecutive months will be converted into a Customer (retail) account. Beginning July 2018, following June 2018’s monthly commission run, Designers who have activity levels below 150 cumulative PV for six months will be converted to Customers to align with their activity levels. PV generated after the last calendar day of the sixth month at 11:59 p.m. Central Time (CT) and before the account is converted will not prevent the conversion and will not count toward a Leader’s TV (Team Volume).

**Also beginning July 2018, Executive Team Leaders will become Inactive after one (1) calendar month of less than 75 PV.

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