Career Plan FAQs (53)

An Independent Designer with a large team may not have the time required to sufficiently Mentor a new Independent Designer. They have the option to assign that new Independent Designer to a new Mentor in the first four (4) Levels of their Downline within their enrollment month. This also helps foster team growth and develop new Team Leaders.

The Independent Designer would earn the Sponsor Bonus for all Personal Volume (PV) generated by the new Independent Designer and Team Volume (TV) for Designers placed in their Team (Levels 1-4). Additionally, by placing new Independent Designers under new Mentors, the Independent Designer is fostering the growth of their downline by helping downline team member’s advance in rank.

If an Independent Designer becomes an Inactive Independent Designer at any time, they will forfeit their Downline and all members of the Downline will roll up to the next Active Mentor. This is considered an inherited Independent Designer. (Also referenced as a “Roll-Up”)

The Generation Bonus is paid to Directors and above on volume generated by Directors on their Team (even those below Levels one (1) through four (4)).

Yes, you will receive the Sponsor Bonus for this reassign, as well as a Mentor Bonus at their level, provided they are in your Levels two (2) through four (4).

Starting September 1, 2017, when a Team Leader rolls up, they will count as a Direct Team Leader upon advancing to the next level of the Career Plan. Any Team Leader who becomes inactive, but then becomes a Team Leader again due to the new Mentor, will count as a Direct Team Leader.


What is an Inactive Independent Designer?

An Independent Designer with the Career Title of Senior Team Leader or below is considered an Inactive Independent Designer when they generate less than 75 PV each month, for three (3) consecutive months.

An Independent Designer with the Career Title of Executive Team Leader or above is considered an Inactive Independent Designer when they generate less than 75 PV in one (1) calendar month.

As an Inactive Independent Designer, a Designer will lose their Downline Team permanently, rank down to Designer and is no longer able to sponsor any new Independent Designers until becoming Active again (by generating at least 75 PV prior to Sponsoring a new Independent Designer).

*Inactive Designer accounts who have activity levels below 150 cumulative PV for a rolling six (6) months will be converted to Customers to align with their activity levels. PV generated after the last calendar day of the sixth month at 11:59 p.m. Central Time (CT) and before the account is converted will not prevent the conversion. Any orders placed during this time will roll-up to and be paid out to the Designer’s Mentor.

This will depend on whether they are a Reinstating or Re-enrolling.

  • Re-Enrollment: A Re-enrolling Independent Designer is a former Independent Designer who has a closed/cancelled Designer Account for six (6) or more months and has requested Re-Enrollment. They are considered a NEW Independent Designer; therefore, they are eligible to be moved to another Mentor by their Personal Sponsor, are eligible to participate in the new Independent Designer incentives and must purchase a Starter Kit.
  • Reinstatement: A Reinstated Independent Designer is a former Independent Designer who requested to have their account reinstated within six (6) months of the date their Designer Account closed or cancelled. They will not be required to purchase a Starter Kit, will be placed with his or her previous Mentor and Personal Sponsor, and are NOT considered to be New Independent Designers, meaning: they are not eligible for New Independent Designer incentives or eligible to be moved to a new Mentor by the Personal Sponsor.

*Specific promotional terms and conditions may apply.

No. We have eliminated the Make Me Whole Bonus as of March 1, 2017. We have added Advancement Bonuses and reduced the PV needed to remain active to help eliminate the need for the bonus.

Independent Designers that roll up to your Level one (1) will not be considered Personally Sponsored Qualified Designers (unless you were their Sponsor and you placed them under another Mentor on your Team). Independent Designers that roll up to your Level one (1) may qualify as Direct Team Leader and will contribute to your Team Volume (TV). If an Independent Designer with a Career Title of Team Leader or above rolls up to you, they will qualify as one of Total Team Leaders (Levels 1-4) per the Career Plan. For that roll up to count as Direct Team Leader, you must help them achieve a rank above their highest achieved rank.

The PV generated by the new Independent Designer in the enrollment month will be reflected in the Mentor’s Team Volume (TV), as well as the Sponsor’s TV (provided the new Independent Designer is in their Levels 1-4). The Sponsor is eligible to receive a monthly Sponsor Bonus based on the new Independent Designer’s PV, and the Mentor is eligible to receive a monthly Mentor Bonus based on the new Independent Designer’s PV.

The new Mentor will begin earning TV and bonuses for roll-ups the first day of the month in which the Independent Designer rolled up.

Commission is dependent on the Independent Designer’s status. Origami Owl Independent Designers start at the base rate of 20%-40%, which can increase depending on PV (Personal Volume).


Category Active – Retail Sales Commission Storybuilder – Retail Sales Commission
Charms 40% 50%
Dangles 40% 50%
Plates + Windows 40% 50%
Lockets 20% 30%
Chains 20% 30%
Bracelets 20% 30%
Earrings 20% 30%

Yes. When an Independent Designer account is converted into a Customer (retail) account, their Customer account is attached to their Mentor. All retail Customers are eligible to log into their Customer account to choose their Designer Preference.