Career Plan (94)

Yes. When an Independent Designer account is converted into a Customer (retail) account, their Customer account is attached to their Mentor. All retail Customers are eligible to log into their Customer account to choose their Designer Preference.

As of February 2018, Independent Designers must achieve the following to qualify to receive an Annie:


  • Be Paid-As Senior Team Leader or above in the previous calendar month;
  • Must have personally sponsored at least one (1) new/re-enrolling Independent Designer in the previous calendar month and;
  • Must not be leading or building a team with another Direct Sales Company.


Annies will be assigned to Designers who meet these qualifications based on location (the closest geographically will go first). If there is a tie in location, the Designer with the most personally sponsored Designers will receive the Annie. If there is a tie in the number of personally sponsored Designers, the Designer with the highest PV (Personal Volume) will receive the Annie. Qualifications are subject to change.

Yes. Annie’s are eligible to be assigned to a new Mentor within your Team (Levels 1-4). The Annie must be moved to the new Mentor before the end of their enrollment month.

Yes! An Annie assigned to you will count as Personally Sponsored per the Career Plan.

If you re-assign an Annie, the Annie will count for you as one of your Personally Sponsored Independent Designers, but can count toward structure for the new Mentor.

Yes. You will earn TV from PV (Personal Volume) produced by the Annie assigned to you.


*If an Annie is re-assigned to another Independent Designer, the Annie’s PV will be contributed to your TV so long they are within your Level 1-4.

To see the Cross-Sponsor bonus, log into your Back Office and under MyO2 Business Dash select your Commission Summary. Select the month you would like to research > filter by Designer ID > under “Personal Sponsor Bonus” you will see your name and Designer ID with the total amounts you received for the Beauty Advisors sponsored.

The individual who introduces you to a brand within the Origami Owl Family of Brands (Origami Owl or Willing Beauty Company) is your Sponsor.  They will earn a Sponsor bonus based on the Personal Volume (PV) you generate each month, regardless of which company you or they represent, provided they hold the rank of a Paid-as Senior Designer/Senior Beauty Advisor or higher that month.

Yes.  You may Sponsor someone into any brand within the Origami Owl Family of Brands and receive a Sponsor Bonus based on their Personal Volume (PV) if you are meeting the Paid-as Career Plan requirements of a Senior Designer/Senior Beauty Advisor or above.

Example: Mary is an Origami Owl Senior Designer (she is only an Independent Business Owner with Origami Owl). Courtney enrolls with Willing Beauty Company and lists Mary as her Personal Sponsor. If Mary meets the requirements for Paid-As Senior Designer or above that month, she will earn a Sponsor Bonus based on Courtney’s PV.

If you personally sponsor someone who enrolls with both companies, you will have the opportunity to receive a Sponsor Bonus based on their Personal Volume (PV) from each company, if you meet the requirement for Paid-as Senior Designer/Senior Beauty Advisor or above that month.

No. Team Volume (TV) does not apply across companies.

Example: Mary is an Origami Owl Designer and sponsors Courtney into Willing Beauty Company. Courtney’s Willing Beauty PV does not count towards Mary’s Origami Owl TV.

No.  The only way to re-assign a new enrollee in this situation is if you are also enrolled with that brand and are listed as their Sponsor.

You may choose a new Mentor if you enroll as a Beauty Advisor with Willing Beauty Company and your sponsor is an Origami Owl Designer (not a Willing Beauty Advisor), however, since your Sponsor introduced you to the Origami Owl Family of Brands, they will continue to be your Sponsor. If your Sponsor is a Willing Beauty Advisor, there is no opportunity to change your Mentor. Your Sponsor and Mentor will remain the same person.

You will need your previous Designer ID number, and the email address that was associated with that account. We also recommend having your credit card information on hand to purchase your new O2 Starter Kit!