Cash Payment FAQs (25)

Yes! Origami Owl is excited to announce our partnership with PayNearMe to allow Customers and Designers to pay for their orders with cash. (This option is not available in Canada.)

PayNearMe makes it easy and convenient for you to make a payment with CASH at more than 15,000 trusted payment locations nationwide, including 7-Eleven, Family Dollar and ACE Cash Express stores.

  • Get your PayCode during checkout on
  • Go to any participating store, show the cashier your PayCode and make a payment with CASH.
  • Origami Owl is notified of your payment instantly. Collect your receipt.

A PayNearMe PayCode can appear in different forms at different stores.

  • At 7-Eleven, it will be a standard barcode.
  • At Family Dollar, it will be a barcode if printed, or a code that is read to the cashier if shown on a mobile device.
  • At ACE Cash Express, it will be a 6-digit alpha-numeric code that you will read to the cashier.
  • At CVS, it will be a standard barcode.

No. You can use the PayNearMe PayCode only once. The PayCode will expire after 2 calendar days.

Within 15 minutes of making your cash payment, a notification will be sent to Origami Owl. Your receipt is proof of payment.

You will receive a receipt with a date and time stamp from the cashier as proof of your payment.

Payment locations include more than 15,000 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, CVS and ACE Cash Express stores nationwide. You do not need to wait in a separate line, but can make a PayNearMe payment right with the cashier. To locate the closest store, go to

There are no processing fees. Each transaction you make with PayNearMe is free.

There is a $1,000 maximum amount per transaction. The maximum amount per transaction in OK and AZ is $999.

Email or call 1 (888) 714-0004. You can also visit their support page at

Origami Owl can only offer O2 Credit or replacements for product purchased with cash through PayNearMe.

Yes! If your order is within 2 calendar days, you can call the Care Team at 1-888-491-0331, provide your order number, and the Care Team Member can assist with applying a credit card to your order.

We will hold an order for 2 calendar days. After 2 calendar days, the order will be cancelled if a payment hasn’t been attached.

Example: If an order is placed on Tuesday, payment should be completed and validated no later than 11:59 p.m. CT on Thursday.

After 2 calendar days, we will no longer accept payment for the order. The order will be cancelled and the Customer will be notified that a new order will need to be placed.

Yes. Orders that are paid with cash will be held until payment confirmation is received. (Up to 2 calendar days.) Once Origami Owl receives confirmation of payment, the order will begin fulfillment.

Orders, either to a Designer or Customer, will normally be fulfilled within 2 business days of receipt. An additional 2-7 business days are then required for delivery, depending on shipping method chosen. Orders with In{script}ions® items will take up to 4 business days for our warehouse to process before shipping.

Orders placed on or through a Personal Web Page can be paid with cash through PayNearMe.

No. We require new Designers to purchase their Starter Kit using a credit card to ensure the name on the card matches the name on the account.

Jewelry Bar guest orders will not have the “Pay with Cash” option. Designers are welcome to collect cash from their Customer and apply their personal credit card to the order, or an online retail order can be placed through the Designer’s Personal Web Page with the “Pay with Cash” option and apply the Jewelry Bar Code.