Cash Payment FAQs (25)

All cash payment orders are held for 2 calendar days. If a payment confirmation isn’t received within 2 calendar days, inventory will be released.

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Designers will receive commission for an order paid via PayNearMe the following Friday after the cash payment was applied to the order. PV will be applied to the month in which the order was placed.

Designers are able to view orders in their Back Office > MyO2 Business > MyO2 Orders. Orders under the status of “Incomplete” indicate cash payment orders. If the order isn’t paid for after 2 calendar days, the order status will update to “Cancelled” on the third calendar day.

If your consumers ever reach out when in store with this issue, please have them contact the PayNearMe Consumer Support team at (888) 714-0004, and their team can help walk them through completing the payment.