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The Payout Date is the date that ALL commissions you have held in your commissions manager will be automatically transferred into your PayQuicker account.  You can set that for any date in the future up to one year from the current date. You can go back in at any time and change that date to push the date back to one year from the date you are making the change. It will not affect the way your PayQuicker pays you commissions nor does it have any impact on any one time payouts that you authorize to PayQuicker.
Example: On 8/5/2016 you can set the Payout date to 8/5/2017 but no later.  However, you can go back in on 10/1/2016 and change that date to 10/1/2017.

Yes, you can use funds available in your Commissions Manager to partially pay for wholesale jewelry, the O2 Bundle or Jewelry Bar Business Essentials and pay for the remainder with a credit card.  However, you cannot use two credit cards to make a payment on one order.

The date reflected in the Commissions Manager is the payout date. On that date, any funds you have held in your Commissions Manager will automatically transfer to PayQuicker.  This date can be changed at any time to a date as far as 12 months from the date the payout is currently scheduled. This date has no effect on the money that will paid to PayQuicker each week.

The Commissions Manager is a tool designed to give you more flexibility regarding how and when your commissions are paid out.


¿Cuál es el Administrador de Comisiones?

El Administrador de Comisiones es una herramienta que te da más flexibilidad para decidir cómo y cuándo serán pagadas tus comisiones.


Visit the Commissions Manager in your Back Office and select how you would like your commission distributed. You may retain the full amount in Commissions Manager or have a portion go to your PayQuicker account.


¿Cómo funciona el Administrador de Comisiones?

Encuentra el Administrador de Comisiones en tu Oficina Virtual y elige cómo te gustaría que tus comisión sea distribuida. Puedes retener la cantidad completa en el Administrador de Comisiones o enviar una porción a tu cuenta PayQuicker.

Commissions can be held to pay for all or a portion of the purchases you make when you purchase wholesale jewelry for yourself or Jewelry Bar Business Essentials.  In addition, having commissions held in your Commission Manager will allow you to have funds for an unexpected event. You can also elect to have any lump amount from your Commissions Manager paid out to your PayQuicker account at any time.

The amount you have retained monthly is completely up to you.  You can have a specific dollar amount held from each commission payment, or you can ask for a percentage, up to 100%, to be retained in Commissions Manager.


¿Hay límite en la cantidad de mis comisiones que puede ser retenida?

La cantidad que tengas retenida mensualmente es completamente tu decisión. Puedes tener una cantidad específica retenida de cada pago de comisión o puedes pedir un porcentaje, hasta 100% a ser retenido en tu Administrador de Comisiones.

The only times the commission will automatically go to Commissions Manager instead of PayQuicker without your authorization is for the payout of the Lead Pool Bonus.  Additionally, if your payout is less than $10 – the payout will go to Commissions Manager instead of PayQuicker until you authorize transfer.


*There is a $5 fee to transfer funds of $10 or less.

There is no fee to use your Commissions Manager funds to make payments in your Back Office; however, there is a $5 fee for any transfer of $10 or less to your PayQuicker account. This fee will be automatically withdrawn from your Commissions Manager, so please be sure you have enough to complete the transfer and pay the fee, or the transfer will be declined.


¿Hay cargo por retirar fondos de mi Administrador de Comisiones?

No hay cargo por hacer uso de los fondos en tu Administrador de Comisiones para hacer pagos en tu Oficina Virtual, sin embargo, hay un cargo de $5 por cualquier transferencia de $10 o menos a tu cuenta PayQuicker. Este cargo será automáticamente retirado de tu Administrador de Comisiones, por favor asegúrate que tienes suficiente para completar la transferencia y pagar la cuota o la transferecia será rechazada.



¿Ganaré interés en los fondos retenidos en mi Administrador de Comisiones?


You can initially set up the funds to pay out to you in up to one year, however you can renew that payout date at any time.


¿Por cuánto tiempo puedo dejar los fondos en mi Administrador de Comisiones?

Puedes inicialmente programar y disponer del fondo en un año, sin embargo, puedes renovar la fecha en cualquier momento.

If you’re withdrawing from your Commissions Manager on a weekly commission payout, please have your request completed by Thursday at 4:00 p.m. CT for payment by the next day. Monthly commission payout requests must be submitted before the 1st of the month.  All transfers will payout on Friday with your normal commission payout.


Necesito conseguir los fondos en mi Administrador de Comisiones transferidos a Payquicker lo antes posible, ¿Cuánto tiempo toma?

Si vas a retirar fondos de tu Administrador de Comisiones de un pago de comisión semanal, por favor la solicitud debe estar completa el jueves a las 4:00 p.m. CT (Hora Centro), la solicitud de pago de comisión mensual deben ser presentado el día 1o. de cada mes.

You will be able to choose to have money retained in the Commissions Manager from your weekly payout, your monthly payout or both.

You will be able to choose to have either a percentage of your commissions saved or a specific dollar amount. If you select a dollar amount, if your commission payout is less than that dollar amount the full earned amount will be retained in Commission Manager.

From the home page in your Back Office, click on Edit Account and select Commissions Manager from the menu.

Yes. You can pay a portion of jewelry or Jewelry Bar Business Essentials with your Commissions Manager, and pay the remainder with a credit card.

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