Commissions Manager (24)

In any situation where a Designer owes funds to Origami Owl, Origami Owl reserves the right to withdraw those funds from the Commissions Manager.  Please contact for an explanation as to why funds were withdrawn from your Commissions Manager.

Yes.  You will still be responsible for taxes on the year the commissions were earned.  For further information, please consult a tax professional.

The Payout Date is the date ALL commissions withheld in the Commissions Manager will be transferred to your PayQuicker account. You can set the Payout Date for any date in the future, up to one (1) year from the current date. You can change the Payout Date at any time.

Yes, you can use funds available in your Commissions Manager to partially pay for wholesale jewelry, the O2 Bundle or Jewelry Bar Business Essentials and pay for the remainder with a credit card.  However, you cannot use two credit cards to make a payment on one order.