Contact Manager FAQs (12)

As of May 2016, Origami Owl has emailed everyone in the Contact Manager database, and has given them the opportunity to ‘Opt In’ to further email communications.  They must respond to this email by opting in to receive our emails.

Any new Contact Manager entry will receive an email confirming their interest to be added to our consumer email distribution lists. You will not be able to tell if they chose to “Opt-In” or “Unsubscribe” at that point, per consumer privacy standards. All existing Contact Manager entries have received this same option as of May 2016.

You will not be able to see if a customer has opted in, however we are providing them the opportunity to do so.

If a customer completes a purchase on your Personal Web Page (PWP) and enters their email address while doing so, they will be sent our consumer emails.

Customers who have not ordered directly from your Personal Web Page (PWP) or are not on our email list and will not receive emails from O2 unless they opt-in in response to an invitation from us.

If your customer has purchased on your Personal Web Page (PWP) or in the past but is not receiving emails at this time, they either unsubscribed at some point, or forwarded the email to someone else who unsubscribed.  At this time, we do not have an easy fix for this scenario.

As of May 2016, all Contact Manager entries are sent an email giving them the option to Opt-In to our consumer communications, however unless they opt-in to the email invitation they will not receive our emails. If a customer has shopped on your PWP or through the Origami Owl website and they entered their email address when doing so, they will also receive our consumer communication emails.

CAN-SPAM/CASL regulations require a double Opt-In prior to sending emails to customers or potential customers. Before entering a contact with a valid email address, you must first obtain implied consent (verbal authorization) to receive to receive emails from Origami Owl on your behalf. Origami Owl will then email them an invitation to opt-in to future Consumer Emails. If they select yes, this is considered the second opt-in.

Please have your customer check their Spam and Junk mail folders, and verify the spam settings. They may be on our email list but not seeing emails if their filters have marked them as spam.

A Whitelist is a tool that ensures certain emails will always go to your inbox. When you add specific criteria, you can ensure all important emails from a specific sender are received.

To begin, always make sure your email address is up to date in your Back Office. If you are still not receiving emails, you can utilize our step-by-step guides on how to add Origami Owl to the Whitelist in your email account.