In{script}ions FAQs (38)

COLOR Silver
METAL TYPE Stainless Steel

WORKS WITH Custom Chains, Dangle Collector, Dangle Bracelets, Bag Clip Keychain

AVAILABLE ON In{script}ions Plaque, In{script}ions Slider or In{script}ions Tags


  • It is important to engrave with pertinent information that would be helpful in an Emergency
      For example:
        First and Last Name
        Medical Condition(s) – Treatment Considerations, Food and Drug Allergies, etc.
        Emergency Contact Number with area

Jewelry and liquids just don’t mix. Remove before entering water, using harsh chemicals or applying beauty products. Handle Plates along the edges to prevent tarnishing. With an occasional pick‐me‐up, jewelry will always shine, simply use a dry polishing cloth and be gentle.

Please refer to the Template “l” of your Take‐out Menu or on Please note that the Monogram font is in UPPERCASE only.

For example:

To the Lovebirds:
The bride’s first initial, the couple’s surname initial, the groom’s first initial
J is for Jennifer
S is for their surname, Smith
D is for David

For the Single Ladies:
Her first initial, her surname initial, her middle initial
M is for Mary
H is for Mary’s surname, Harris
K is for Mary’s middle name, Katherine

For the Wives:
Her first initial, her married surname initial, her maiden surname initial
L is for Linda
T is for Linda’s married surname, Taylor
A is for Linda’s maiden surname, Anderson

Make it His:
His first initial, his surname initial, his middle initial
W is for William
S is for William’s surname, Scott
J is for William’s middle name, James

For the Little Ones:
His or her first initial, his or her middle initial, his or her surname initial
E is for their daughter, Emily
C is for Emily’s middle name, Claire
B is for Emily’s surname, Brown

With Inscriptions, you can tell your story a thousand different ways – just be sure to only use the characters that appear on your standard laptop or desktop computer keyboard.

Inscriptions using the MONOGRAM SCRIPT font style only include UPPERCASE letters.

The keyboard layouts below show the characters that can be inscribed in the BLOCK font style – and in the same arrangement they appear on your laptop or desktop keyboard.

keyboard layout

At this time we cannot accept any trademarked name or tag line as part of an Inscriptions order. You can still express your story by using general terms and complete your story with charms!



NOT ACCEPTABLE                                      ACCEPTABLE

#1 Ohio State Buckeye Fan!                             #1 Buckeye Fan!

I love the Phoenix Suns!                                     I love the Suns!

Girl Scouts of America Rocks!                          Scouts Rock!

Disneyland Vacation 2015                                 Vacation 2015

New England Patriots                                        Pee Wee Patriots

Arizona State Class of 2015                               Class of 2015

#1 Pfizer Sales Team                                           #1 Sales Team

I <3 Taylor Swift                                                   I <3 Taylor or I <3 country music

Kappa Alpha Theta or KAΘ                               Theta

Images and logos are not available for engraving on the Inscriptions Plates. There is a wide selection of templates for text available.


Inscriptions is all about personalization and we want our customers to inscribe their memories. Your Designer will be able to help you determine if any words may not be acceptable. If an inappropriate word is entered as part of the online Inscriptions ordering process, it will not be accepted and the order will not move forward.

The Inscriptions plates currently offered are the Large round and Medium round.

Yes! It’s all about you writing your story! There are multiple templates that offer 1, 2, or 3 lines of text and even one template that fits up to 35 characters.

Before submitting your online order you will see a visual preview of the item with your personalization as it will be inscribed.

There is one price per style no matter what font or template is chosen. Font size and style is predetermined by your choice of template (Large Plates have a larger font size). When ordering at a Jewelry Bar, please refer to your Inscriptions Supplement or Worksheet for pricing (Step 1) and Plate templates (Step 2).

When ordering online, please refer to Template restrictions under the text boxes as you personalize your item. Before submitting your online order you will see a visual preview of the item with your personalization as it will be inscribed.

No. Whatever template you choose, the price remains the same.

Inscriptions engraving is available on the BACK of the Locket Base only.

We offer two font styles for engraving a Plate – BLOCK (used for Templates a‐k) and MONOGRAM SCRIPT (used for Template l, Plates only). Many of the templates are available in upper and lowercase letters.

Any Customer completing a paper Customer Order Form at a Jewelry Bar will be asked to sign the bottom of the form, verifying that all information is accurate. We guarantee that your Inscriptions order will be inscribed as ordered. If you find an error with your order, please contact your Designer.

Customer orders completed online will see a visual preview prior to submitting the order and need to check a box agreeing to the Inscriptions exchange and refund terms. Submitting the order verifies that all information is accurate. If visual previewing happens to be different from actual personalized product as delivered please contact the Care Team at 1‐888‐491‐0331.

Inscriptions products are one‐of‐a‐kind custom, and therefore non‐cancellable, non‐returnable and nonrefundable with the exception of a manufacturing defect or if visual previewing is different from actual personalized product as delivered (online ordering offers a visual preview prior to submitting order).

If you are ordering Inscriptions items at a Jewelry Bar, your Designer may have samples of Inscriptions items in several of the templates, so you should have a good idea of what your order will look like.

Once you sign the Customer Order Form you are verifying that not only the information on the form is accurate but that you understand the terms of the sale.

Inscriptions™ engraving is only available on new orders submitted.

The commission rate can vary based on your current Designer Status.

  • Locket Bases, Hexagrams, Plaques, and Sliders – 15%, 20%, or 30%
  • Plates – 15%, 40% or 50%

Yes, all New Designer Business Kits will have Inscriptions items included.

You will want to use the 4‐part Customer Order Form (English OF1004; Spanish OF1004SP ‐ $5/25pk) so you can distribute completed copies appropriately (Page One: Designer, Page Two: Hostess, Page Three & Four: Customer).

There are many business tools available to you in the Marketing Asset Library in your Back Office. These include the Inscriptions Worksheet, Inscription Features + Benefits sheet, and Inscriptions Sell Sheet, along with training videos on how to enhance your customers’ experience at your Jewelry Bars with Inscriptions products. We will continue to add tools to the Marketing Asset Library as they become available.