In{script}ions FAQs (38)

No. Inscriptions/jewelry orders cannot be combined with Business Supply orders.

Any wholesale order that includes Inscriptions items will ship within 7 business days at the standard shipping rate.


If a Designer needs their non‐Inscriptions items faster than the standard 7 business days shipping time frame, we suggest they split their order into two orders. Separate shipping rates will apply.

Any retail customer order that includes Inscriptions products will ship within 7 business days (standard shipping).

No. Any Jewelry Bar guest orders that do NOT contain Inscriptions items will be processed and will ship within the normal shipping time frame as noted on the back of the Customer Order Form. We will be shipping Inscriptions and Non-Inscriptions orders separately. Please see examples below.



NOTE: Guest Emma above decided she wanted to have her Non‐Inscriptions products as soon as possible, so opted to split her order into two orders. Separate shipping rates will apply on each order.

Her Non‐Inscriptions order will still ship to her Hostess, but her Inscriptions order will be shipped directly to her home.




*Selected shipping rate (Standard, 2 Day, or Next Day) per the back of the Customer Order Form.




*Selected shipping rate (Standard, 2 Day, or Next Day) per the back of the Customer Order Form.

Most of your custom Inscriptions products will be packaged in a cello bag with an Inscriptions card behind it. The back of the card will include care instructions.


The exception is your custom inscribed Large Twist Living Locket Base, which will be packaged in a special Inscriptions Hex Box with care instructions on the side of the box band.

Any Customer completing a paper Customer Order Form will be asked to sign the bottom of the form, verifying that all information is accurate. We guarantee that their Inscriptions order will be inscribed as ordered. It is the responsibility of the Designer who is transferring the paper Customer Order Form information into their back office ordering system to ensure that the order is accurate. In cases of system input error or deviation by the Designer, it is the responsibility of the Designer to provide appropriate customer service to replace any incorrect orders.

Customer orders completed online will see a visual preview prior to submitting the order. Submitting the order verifies that all information is accurate.

You are able to type select ASCII characters using your laptop or desktop keyboard that has a “ten finger numeric keypad” to form the degree symbol.


PC Laptops ‐ Hold down the FN (Function) key and the ALT key along with the numbers 0176, FN ALT

0176 (using the alternative 10 finger numeric keypad).

PC Desktop – Hold down the ALT key along with the numbers 0176.

MAC – Hold down the Option key and press the letter K.

Inscriptions is all about personalization and we want our customers to inscribe their memories. We encourage you to uphold your ethics and values when it comes to your customer wanting to inscribe words that are not the best representation of you and our brand. If an inappropriate word is entered as part of the online Inscriptions ordering process, it will not be accepted and the order will not move forward.

“Static” means that the heart symbol is part of the template, and is not movable. Your custom Inscriptions item is engraved around the heart symbol as shown in the Inscriptions Worksheet.

Font size is pre‐determined by template and varies based on your choice of Inscriptions item (Large Plates have a larger font size).

We offer a variety of templates that will give you text placement options!

Yes! It’s all about you writing your story! There are multiple products and templates that offer up to 6 lines of text and a Plate template that fits up to 35 characters.

Maximum characters vary per style, per template.

No, Inscriptions engraving is available on one side of the Hexagram, Plaque, or Slider.

Plates are double‐sided.

Side 1 = Personalization.

Side 2 = Inscriptions logo.

The customer can customize Side 1 of the Plate only.

No. Since there are many available options for your customers to select from, the Large Twist Living Locket Face and Base are sold separately.

We offer two font styles for engraving all Inscriptions items – BLOCK and MONOGRAM SCRIPT (used for Template l, Plates only). Many of the templates are available in upper and lowercase letters.

We have one font style (BLOCK) for engraving a Locket Base.