IT Enhancements FAQs (112)

Once you have subscribed to the O2 Bundle, your Advanced Reporting section will be located at the bottom left hand corner under My O2 Business > My O2 Business Dashboard.

When you purchase the O2 Bundle, you receive access to advanced reporting that includes:

  • Jumpstart to Owlchiever Tracker
  • Advancement Potential
  • Active Designer Coach
  • Team Leader Potential
  • Independent Designers Nearing Inactive
  • Owlchievers

The My O2 Team Tracker shows how many Independent Designers you have in your downline at each achieved/career rank.

My O2 Dashboard is a tool which will provide you information such as:

  • Sales- month to date
  • Personal Volume- month to date
  • Personally Sponsored Active Independent Designers
  • Direct Team Leaders
  • Current weekly paycheck
  • Independent Designer status information
  • Team Bonus Volume
  • Total Team Leaders in levels 1-4

The Designer Resources section of the Back Office contains:

  • Marketing Asset Library
  • O2 Academy
  • Origami Owl Tools Store
  • My O2 Rewards
  • Events
  • Career Plan + Business Resources

Your Business Snapshot is a summary of your month-to-date PV and most recent My O2 Rewards Status. This can be found in the top left hand corner of your Back Office home page.

A blog where articles are published with the newest business related information!

News from the Nest is a daily post providing current updates and important information.

The My O2 Rewards: Owlchiever Tracker provides Designers with both month-to-date (MTD) and year-to-date (YTD) Owlchiever points. It provides the total months an Owlchiever status has been reached as well as a breakdown of points earned by Personal Sales, Personal Sponsoring and Developing Team Leaders.

  • Access to My O2 Business Dashboard
  • Owlchiever Tracker
  • My O2 Team Tracker
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Storybuilder Activity Tracker
  • Instant connectivity to Incentives Program Details and FAQ’s

  • A calendar with important dates
  • News from the Nest updates
  • O2 Hoot Blog
  • Featured Videos
  • Business Snapshot
  • Streamlined navigation to Designer Resources and My O2 Business Dashboard
  • New Jumpstart to Owlchiever tracker for new Designers

The new Back Office is designed to add value to your overall experience. The changes include: improved navigation, more efficient program overviews, tools to manage your business and additional advanced reporting options for our O2 Bundle Subscribers!

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