Jewelry Bar FAQs (46)

No. Kit Discount Codes do not apply to the On-the-Go Starter Kit.


*The New Independent Designer will be responsible for paying tax on their Starter Kit at the time of enrollment.

No. The Kit Discount Code may only be redeemed by the Hostess who earned it. The name and email address of the Hostess redeeming the code must match the name and email address of the Hostess on the Jewelry Bar at the time the Jewelry Bar was set up.

Origami Owl Starter Kits are valued at more than $800, which is considerably more than they would have earned in Free Product credit!  Additionally, if their Jewelry Bar is $1,000 or more, they will earn 10% of the of the Jewelry Bar total in Free Product credit!

No. Only one (1) Kit Discount Code can be used for the purchase of a Starter Kit.  

To earn Hostess Starter Rewards, a Jewelry Bar must have four (4) or more orders with a retail value of at least $250.

If you purchased your O2 Starter Kit using the Kit Discount Code that you earned as a Hostess Reward, you may return your O2 Starter Kit for a refund of the amount paid toward the kit. You will not be reimbursed for the Kit Discount or the free jewelry you would have received in lieu of the Kit Discount Code.