Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl Collection FAQs (44)

The Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl Beaded Bracelets are 7’’ and are made using stretch elastic. They are not adjustable.


*Bracelet length may vary.

It is not recommended. Beads on the Beaded Bracelets are strung tightly enough to not allow gaps; a lobster could stretch the elastic and create a gap.

Origami Owl has worked closely with Lisa Hoffman to create approved social media materials for you to use for promotional purposes. Please use the assets provided in your Back Office and My O2 Connection App to promote the Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl opportunity. We will continue to add more promotional assets as they become available.


  • You may reference these things in your social media copy (i.e. the copy that supports a Facebook or Instagram post, for example) — but not in any image related to your Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl look — as long as it is not promotional in nature.
  • Designers CANNOT create their own marketing materials using the Lisa Hoffman logo or any other approved trademarks or logos in connection with the License Agreement.
  • Origami Owl may not associate elements of other third-party licensed properties with the Lisa Hoffman products or the trademarks, either on the Lisa Hoffman products or in their packaging or, without Lisa Hoffman’s written permission, on advertising, promotional or display materials.
  • Origami Owl may not use Licensed Material or Lisa Hoffman’s trademarks on any business sign, business cards, stationary or forms unless Lisa Hoffman agrees in writing.
  • Origami Owl and Designers may not use Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owlproducts for “purchase-with-purchase promotions”; promotions; self-liquidating offers; giveaways; donations; fundraisers; or entries in sweepstakes; and may not bundle Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl products with any other product without the express written consent of Lisa Hoffman.
  • Lisa Hoffman for Origami Owl Products cannot be used for fundraising purposes.


In addition you shall not have the right to sell, distribute or otherwise provide Articles for use as premiums (including those in purchase-with- purchase promotions), promotions, self-liquidating offers, give-aways, donations, fund-raisers or entries in sweepstakes or to customers for resale by direct mail or other direct marketing methods including without limitation to customers for inclusion in another product all of which are rights which are expressly reserved to Licensor, including, without limitation, the right to license or otherwise authorize a third party to create Articles or articles similar or identical to the Articles for use in Licensor’s direct-to-retail programs or as premiums or other promotional purposes.

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