Mother's Day 2018 Collection FAQs (10)

The Mother’s Day 2018 Collection will be available to all Independent Designers and Customers on April 4, 2018 at 5 p.m. Central Time (CT) through May 13, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. CT, or while supplies last.

Yes. Items from the Mother’s Day 2018 Collection are limited to three (3) of each item per Customer retail order, five (5) of each item per Designer wholesale order and three (3) of each item per Jewelry Bar® Guest and Hostess orders.


*Updated: 04/05/18

**The Rose Gold Signature Living Locket Watch is limited to two (2) per Customer retail order, five (5) per Designer wholesale order and one (1) per Jewelry Bar Guest and Hostess order.

Origami Owl® strives to fulfill all orders within two (2) business days of receipt (four (4) business days if an order includes In{script}ions®). During periods of increased demand (like holidays and new product launches), you may experience a delay in the shipment of your order. Tracking information will be sent to the email address on file once the order ships.

Yes. Gift Guides are available for purchase with jewelry items* for a limit of one (1) per order in the Designer Back Office under Shop > Jewelry > Collections > Mother’s Day. Gift Guides can also be purchased under Shop > Jewelry Bar Business Essentials for a limit of 100 per order.


*Gift Guides can be purchased with jewelry items from April 4-11, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time (CT).

Yes. One (1) Mother’s Day 2018 Collection Gift Guide will be included in Starter Kits starting April 4, 2018 through April 30, 3018.

  • The dimensions of the photo for this Locket are 20mm x 33mm oval.
  • Use the included insert card to trace your photo to cut out and place in the Locket. The photo should slide right into the cavity. If any of the edges are not lying flat, remove the photo and trim down.
  • It is recommended to print out a few copies of your photo in case you make a mistake the first time. We do not recommend using original photos. Photo or copy paper can be used.
  • The clear plate that covers your photo is best inserted by gently pressing it into the cavity while carefully wiggling it back and forth so the plate “clicks” into the ridges inside the Locket cavity.
  • To remove, use the small finger groove and insert your thumbnail, tweezers, or another small device (that will not scratch your plate!) and pop the plate out.
  • This Locket is double sided! Wear it on the crystal side, or the plain side to switch up the look. However, if using a photo, you will not see your Charms on the plain side.
  • You can also add two photos, so one faces the back of your Locket and one faces the front

  • The face of the Prism Locket is made of glass. It is important to know that it should be handled with care as it is a delicate piece. The stones on the bezel are Swarovski Crystals.
  • You can still see your Charms through the Prism Face, although you will not see quite as much detail as a normal Locket face.

  • There are 20-4mm pearls on this Chain, which makes it compatible with our Living Lockets’ bail.
  • This Chain can be worn in a single strand, doubled, or tripled for a customized length.

  • To be used with the Silver Photo Legacy Living Locket.
  • This Window is to be placed in the front portion of the Locket for styling.
  • Stardust can be stacked in the shelves to create a customized look.
  • Ensure the plastic photo plate is properly inserted before adding Stardust to ensure best fit!
  • Not compatible with other Living Lockets.
  • Features Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Pearls.

  • Features both Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Pearls.
  • Can be worn many ways with or without a Locket: pinned on a top/lapel, pinned to a bouquet, or pinned to fasten a scarf.
  • A Locket can be attached using the hidden lobster claw on the back side of the Brooch.

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