O2 Recognition Jewelry FAQs (14)

Independent Designers now receive exclusive O2 Recognition Jewelry each time they advance in rank for the first time.

Any Independent Designer in good standing who advances in rank for the first time. To be in good standing, Independent Designers must be following the Independent Designer Agreements, Terms + Conditions and Policies + Procedures.

O2 Recognition Jewelry is earned by advancing to a new rank for the first time.

An Independent Designer will receive a Designer Charm in their Starter Kit and will earn a unique item each time they advance to a new rank for the first time.

Independent Designers who maintain their Paid-As rank for two (2) consecutive months, within a 12-month period, will receive an Advancement Bonus for the achieved Career Title. Click here for more information on Advancement Bonuses.

We want to encourage Independent Designers to always strive for greater heights, so these unique pieces of O2 Recognition Jewelry are only available through achieving a new rank for the first time. They cannot be purchased or earned through any other means.

Qualifiers will see an order in their Back Office by the end of the following month, which will allow them to see more details on when they will receive their O2 Recognition Jewelry.

If your email address is incorrect in the Back Office, please update it by 11:59 p.m. (CT) month-end, as this is the email address we will be sending your congratulatory email to regarding your O2 Recognition Jewelry.

If an Independent Designer advances in rank for the first time in a calendar month, and has not seen an order for the O2 Recognition Jewelry in their Back Office by the final business day of the following month, they should contact Recognition@OrigamiOwl.com.

An order will be automatically placed and visible in their Back Office once all awards have been verified.

If your O2 Recognition Jewelry is missing or defective, please contact Recognition@OrigamiOwl.com. Be sure to include a clear picture of the defect when emailing Recognition.

Learn more about how to reach the next rank, and earn this special recognition, by visiting your Back Office > MyO2 Business > MyO2 Career Coach.

You will only receive O2 Recognition Jewelry for the Career Title you were adjusted to. O2 Recognition Jewelry will not be sent for Career Titles in between.

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