Order Tracking FAQs (6)

The Order Shipment Tracking Tool offers a grid of up-to-date information about the orders you and your customers have placed.

In your Back Office, click on MYO2 BUSINESS> MYO2 ORDERS. Once you have located the order in question, click on the tracking number and you will be directed to the carrier’s website.

Yes. In your Back Office under MYO2 BUSINESS>MYO2 ORDERS, search for and/or click on the order number and you will be directed to an itemized view.

Yes. If an order is attached to a Jewelry Bar®, click on the Jewelry Bar ID and you will be directed to the Jewelry Bar® Dashboard (if the Jewelry Bar® is open) or the Jewelry Bar® Review (if the Jewelry Bar® is closed).

In addition to a quick glance at your orders, you can also search by order number, SKU, phone number, Jewelry Bar Code, Jewelry Bar Name, Shipping Last Name and the Hostess name. You can also filter the orders that are displayed by the Order Type and the month which the order was placed.

• Accepted — a payment has been applied to the order.
• Printed — the order has entered fulfillment and is being picked and packed in our warehouse.
• Shipped — the order has been assigned a tracking number and has begun the shipment process.
• Delivered — the order has been delivered by the carrier.