Origami Owl Locket Builder FAQs (39)

Locket Builder will always display in retail price to ensure if the Locket is shared, the Customer receives and purchases with the retail price.

Although the retail price is shown, once a Designer adds a Locket from Locket Builder to their shopping bag, they will see the respective wholesale pricing.

Lockets and Charms are pretty close to scale, and Locket Builder is designed to display the Charms as they would look laid down flat in the Locket without crowding on top of each other. Additional Charms can be purchased once you Proceed to Checkout and select Continue Shopping.

At this time, Charms added into a Locket using Locket Builder are randomized. We are working to correct this in a future update!

Since the Birthstone Locket is intended to be used only with Birthstone Charms it will not be available on Locket Builder.

The Origami Owl® Locket Builder is a digital web-based tool! This tool is located on OrigamiOwl.com/OrigamiOwl.ca and a Designer’s Personal Web Page (PWP) or Back Office. It allows you to virtually build a Living Locket® and share it as a sharable shopping cart.

The Origami Owl Locket Builder will be located on OrigamiOwl.com/OrigamiOwl.ca and your Personal Web Page (PWP).

Please send all feedback and technology issues regarding Locket Builder to LocketBuilder@OrigamiOwl.com.

Yes, it is fully accessible for Independent Designers and Customers.

An Independent Designer can add their Charm of the Month Club promo code during checkout after building their Locket using Locket Builder.

An Independent Designer and Customer can build a Locket using Locket Builder and add the current month’s Customer Exclusive at checkout if the value of the Locket built meets the threshold requirement.

Yes. A Customer placing a retail order on OrigamiOwl.com/OrigamiOwl.ca, or a Designer’s Personal Web Page (PWP), can enter a Jewelry Bar® Code after building their Locket at checkout.

Simply add the Charms to your Locket, select your desired Locket and Chain, then share it via social media directly from the provided link or via email, OR add the items to your Shopping Bag.

The Origami Owl Locket Builder will automatically default to a Large Locket. To change the Locket, click on Step 2 | Living Lockets.

To save a Locket built using Locket Builder, Independent Designers and Customers simply name the Locket then click on the Heart | Save button. Customers will need to log into a Customer Account using an email address and password to save their Locket.

To share a Locket built using Locket Builder, Independent Designers and Customers simply name the Locket then click on the Share button. You’re then prompted to write a message about the Locket created and can share via Facebook, Pinterest, a unique link or via email. Any changes made after sharing a Locket will update via the method shared automatically.