Packaging FAQs (4)

Fortune Cookies are included with all Locket Sets and with select Specialty Lockets.


*Fortune Cookies are not included with items purchased at a discount.

Take Out Boxes are included in all orders with Locket Sets, Classic Hinged Living Lockets and select Specialty Living Lockets.


*Take Out Boxes are not included with items purchased at a discount.

The following packaging items are available in the Back Office under Shop > Jewelry Bar Business Essentials to keep on hand for Jewelry Bars or gift giving.

  • Take Out Boxes (Pack of 10) – TB1001
    • $5 USD | $6 CAD
  • Fortune Cookie Pack (Pack of 4) – CK1001
    • $3 USD | $4 CAD
  • Linen Bags (Pack of 6) – MB1001
    • $50 USD | $2 CAD
  • Charm Pouch (Pack of 12) – CHPK07
    • $6 USD | $8 CAD

Yes! The Twist Living Locket Face will still twist onto your Twist Living Locket Base securely without the “O ring” (black rubber piece). As always, we offer a 90-day warranty for manufacturer defects. You can report your defective item on

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