Product FAQs (175)

Items from the Harry Potter Collection are limited to two (2) per Customer Retail, three (3) per Designer Wholesale and two (2) per Jewelry Bar Guest/Hostess order.

The Limited Edition Summer 2019 Collection will be available beginning June 4, 2019 at 5 p.m. Central Time (CT) through July 31, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. CT, or while supplies last.

Items from the Summer 2019 Collection are limited to three (3) per Customer Retail order, five (5) per Designer Wholesale order and two (2) per Jewelry Bar® Guest/Hostess order.

*Items from this collection are available through July 31, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. CT, or while supplies last.

The following Charms from the Summer 2019 Collection do not work with the Signature Living Locket Watch:

  • Silver Horseshoe Charm – CH4049
  • Treasure Map Charm – CH1490
  • Red Firework Charm – CH4050
  • White Firework Charm – CH4051
  • Blue Firework Charm – CH4052
  • Red + White Beach Umbrella Charm – CH3243

  • Comparable to a Medium Locket and can hold 4-6 Charms.
  • The depth of this Locket is thin which can fit Medium Plates without Charms or Medium Plates with a Swarovski Crystals Stardust Pack.
  • Recommend Charms only.

  • Compatible with all Living Locket bails.
  • Not compatible with Inscriptions® Vertical Bar Pendant.

  • The Silver Stacking Band Ring is Sterling Silver 925 with real Rhodium plating.
  • The Gold Stacking Band Ring is Sterling Silver 925 with real Gold plating.
  • The Rose Gold Stacking Band Ring is Sterling Silver 925 with real Rose Gold plating.
  • Handle with care and treat as fine jewelry to prolong the quality of plating.
  • Remove before bathing/washing hands.
  • Sizing is true to size; may fit smaller than the Locket Ring.


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Please be sure to get VERY familiar with these rules of engagement to honor our licensing agreement with Warner Bros. This is critical information to keep in mind so you know what you can and can’t say or do for Origami Owl jewelry, logos and trademarks.

  • Designers CANNOT create their own marketing materials using the “Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.” logo or any other approved trademarks or logos in connection with License Agreement.
  • Use only pre-approved marketing materials provided by Origami Owl. We’ll be sure this is widely available in both the My O2 Connection app and the “Designer Resources” section of your Back Office. You can print the O2 approved assets only as signage or flyers.
  • You may not use licensed materials in relation to the collection or Warner Bros.’ trademarks on business cards, stationary or forms.
  • Officially Licensed Origami Owl jewelry may only be sold through catalogs, direct sales and events. All other channels are excluded. Officially Licensed jewelry MAY NOT BE GIVEN AWAY OR DISCOUNTED. Should you need more clarification on this, please contact

*Facebook/Online parties and VIP Group settings are acceptable.

Harry Potter Wizard of Oz

Yes, so long the props do not contain logos or trademarks.

Harry Potter Wizard of Oz

  • Holds approximately 6-8 Charms, depending on size.
  • Can be worn with or without the detachable Tassel.
  • Tassel cannot be worn separately.
  • Not compatible with Plates.

  • Holds approximately 5-7 Charms, depending on size.
  • Not compatible with Plates.
  • Compatible with existing Origami Owl® Leather Wrap Bracelets.
  • This Locket is wider than the Medium Twist Wrap Living Lockets™. As a result, most people will wear their Wrap on one (1) notch tighter than when paired with a Medium Round Locket.

  • Holds approximately 2-3 Charms per earring, depending on the size of the Charms.
  • Features a Stainless-Steel hook.