Product FAQs (218)

You may use another adhesive at your own discretion. Origami Owl is not responsible if another adhesive is used.

The Large Silver Stick It Twist Living Locket is designed with the same quality of our Living Lockets®. We recommend protecting the Locket with the Large Living Locket Protector by Ghost Armor.

  • To remove the Locket Base from the surface:
    • The Large Silver Stick It Twist Living Locket was designed to stay in place once adhered, but can be removed by using tweezers, a pen, or another small instrument to provide leverage. Position the tool at the notch on the Locket Base and slowly push until the Locket begins to loosen from the surface. Carefully remove the Locket, taking care as the Locket can pop off suddenly. Please note, the longer the Locket is on a surface, the stronger the adhesive will be. If you need to reposition the Locket on a surface, do so as quickly as possible.

*We cannot guarantee the adhesive will not damage the surface it is applied to. We are not liable for damage caused to surfaces, etc.


  • To remove adhesive from the Locket Base:
    • Adhesive can be removed by gently pulling up an edge and slowly peeling from the Locket Base. A small amount of rubbing alcohol or warm water and soap can be used to clean up any residue left on the underside of the Locket Base. We recommend cleaning any residue or oils on the Locket Base before applying another adhesive for best results.

Water should not affect the adhesive; however, we don’t recommend exposing Origami Owl jewelry to water.

All returns, missing items and replacement requests should be submitted on our Returns Website at Missing items and return/refund requests should be submitted within 30-days from the day of receipt. This warranty covers replacements for manufacturer defects within 90-days from original order shipment. The Always with You Pendant should be returned in its original packaging.

*Sealing the Always with You Pendant is optional and will void the jewelry’s warranty.

Our Special Edition Always with You Pendant is a beautiful keepsake pendant designed to hold the memories that are dearest to you. A delicate and unique screw-top closure securely holds sand from a special family trip, a treasured fabric remnant, ashes of a loved one or a scrolled note with a cherished message.

Size: 12mm x 51mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Metal Finish: Polished Silver

Threaded Twist Top. Chain not included. To complete the look slide on a Simple or Customer Chain.

  1. Untwist the unique screw-top closure.
  2. Gently add your treasured item to the pendant. A small funnel is recommended.
  3. Replace the top and tighten to secure.
  4. If a permanent seal is desired, add a small dab of super glue to the top edge of the closure before securing the top. Please note, this step is optional as sealing with glue will void the jewelry’s warranty.

COLOR   Silver

METAL TYPE   Stainless Steel


SIZES   25mm

WORKS WITH Origami Owl® Small (8-12″), Medium (12-16″) & Large (16-20″) Dog Collar. Medium Inscriptions® Plates and Medium Twist Living Locket Faces



Ghost Armor® locket protectors are highly recommended for all Twist Living Locket Faces that will be worn with the Medium Brushed Silver Collar Twist Living Locket Base.

Medium Brushed Silver Collar Twist Living Locket Base has a solid back.

We do not recommend submerging in water.

Patent Pending

COLORS AVAILABLE  Black, Black & White Gingham

HARDWARE METAL TYPE  Iron and Zinc Alloy


PLATING TYPE   Chrome Electroplated


SIZES   Small (8-12″), Medium (12-16″) & Large (16-20”)

WORKS WITH Inscriptions Dog Bone Collar Slider, Medium Brushed Silver Collar Twist Living Locket Base

SELLING POINTS We do not recommend submerging in water.

Our Dog Collar Twist Living Locket was designed to be worn in conjunction with our Dog Collars.

Our Dog Collar Twist Living Lockets are designed to the same standard as our current Living Lockets. We recommend adding Ghost Armor for extra protection.

We do not recommend cats wear our Dog Collars as cat collars require a breakaway function.

Origami Owl, LLC (“O2”) pet jewelry items are intended for decorative purposes and accessory use only. Do not use O2 pet jewelry items for any other purpose. O2 is not responsible or liable for any injury, damage or loss resulting from the use of O2 pet jewelry items. Please inspect O2 pet jewelry items regularly for any wear and tear, which may compromise strength or safety. Keep out of reach of young children.

No. Our Large Dog Collar (16-20”) is only available in Black.


The Despicable Me Collection will be available to Independent Designers and Customers on June 20, 2017 at Noon Central Time (CT) through December 2017. All limited-edition items are available while supplies last.


Despicable Me Collection products cannot be used for fundraising purposes.

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