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The Leaders Swag Pack could include items like luggage tags, Origami Owl stickers, phone decals, tote bags and much more! NOTE: This is NOT a list of items included – just examples of what could be included.

  • SKU: SA8000
  • Price: $29 USD | $38 CAD
  • Retail Value: Over $49 USD | Over $62 CAD
  • PV: 0

Because the Leaders Swag Pack includes business materials 0 PV will be earned.

Designers who have reached the Career Title of Team Leader or above can purchase the Leaders Swag Pack in the Back Office under Shop > Jewelry Bar Business Essentials.

Purchasing will be limited to 100 Leaders Swag Packs per order. Available while supplies last.

Each Leaders Swag Pack will contain specific, predetermined items. However, items are subject to change if an item becomes unavailable.

You can report a missing or damaged item on the website within 30 days of the ship date. When you submit the order on the Returns website, only the SKU for the entire pack will appear. Please be sure to specify in the comments section which item is missing or broken for a prompt replacement. The Leaders Swag Pack is not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

Yes, Independent Designers will be able to add other Jewelry Bar Business Essential items to their cart when purchasing the Leaders Swag Pack.

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