Monthly Exclusives (99)

To apply an order to a Jewelry Bar and qualify for the Customer Exclusive offer, the order must be placed on a Designer’s Personal Web Page (PWP), or, and attached to a Jewelry Bar by entering the Jewelry Bar code at checkout. Hostess/Guest orders placed in Jewelry Bars do not qualify for this promotion.


Orders need to be submitted no later than the last calendar day of the month at 11:59 p.m. Central Time (CT) to qualify for the current month’s Customer Exclusive. While supplies last. Items in cart are not secured until payment is applied.

When placing an order, the system will notify the Customer when they are close to the total required to add a Customer Exclusive. The system will remind Customers again at checkout that they can add a Customer Exclusive to the order if all promotional criteria was met.

Yes! All online retail orders that qualify for the Customer Exclusive can be attached to a Jewelry Bar by adding a Jewelry Bar code at checkout. Please note, Customer Exclusives are available while supplies last.

Any orders placed outside of the qualifying window will not be eligible for the promotion.

Please first verify the following:


  • The order was placed during the promotional period.
  • The total of the order meets the purchase requirement for the current monthly exclusive offer.
  • The order is not a Jewelry Bar Hostess/Guest order.


If the order has met all three qualifications, please contact the Care Team at 888-491-0331 and they will research the issue for you further. Any orders placed outside of the qualifying window will not be eligible for the promotion.

If any items in a promotional look are missing or damaged upon receipt of the order, please report it within 30 days at for a replacement (or O2 credit for the value of the item if no replacements are available). Only the SKU for the promotion look will be available – defective or missing items from the promotional look can be reported by selecting the promotional SKU with a comment of the defective or missing item. All promotional items carry a 90-day warranty for manufacturer defects.

If a Designer/Customer is unhappy with the purchase of any items, the Customer Exclusive will need to be returned prior to a refund (if eligible) or O2 Credit being issued. All items are subject to our return policy (refund to credit card will only be made if return is processed within 30 days of purchase; item(s) can be returned for O2 Credit or replacement within 90 days of purchase).

Yes! Orders that are being paid with cash will be held until payment confirmation is received (up to 2 business days). Once Origami Owl receives confirmation of payment, the order will begin fulfillment.

Yes! When redeeming a Customer Exclusive with the Charm of the Month promo code, be sure to add the Customer Exclusive first and then add the promo code. Adding the promotion out of order will not work properly.

A Hostess can choose from a brand-new Hostess Exclusive every quarter (January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December) or a “mystery” Hostess Exclusive in the O2 Hostess Exclusive Shop.

A Hostess can choose a featured look in the O2 Hostess Exclusive Shop by visiting, or a Designer’s Personal Web Page (PWP), and selecting “Host a Jewelry Bar” > “Hostess Exclusives”. Click here to access our O2 Hostess Exclusive Shop!

No. This page is for Designers to share with their Hostesses. The Hostess can communicate their desired Hostess Exclusive which can then be added into the Hostess Rewards order via the Back Office.

If you have a missing or defective item within your Hostess Exclusive, please visit and submit the item as you would a single SKU. Please make sure to include which item you need assistance with in the comment field.


Mi Exclusiva para Anfitriona llegó defectuosa. ¿Cómo la reemplazo?

Si un accesorio falta o está defectuoso, por favor visita: y envía el SKU o código del accesorio. Por favor describe qué ocurre con dicho accesorio en el espacio de comentarios.


There are no refunds, returns or exchanges on the purchase of Hostess Exclusives at the discounted price.


¿La Anfitriona puede devolver una Exclusiva para Anfitriona comprada y recibir crédito o reembolso?

No existe reembolso, devolución o intercambio en la compra de la Exclusiva para Anfitriona a precio rebajado.

No. There is no PV generated on any Hostess Rewards.


¿Las Diseñadoras ganan VP cuando la Anfitriona compra la Exlcusiva para Anfitriona con descuento?

No. No hay VP generado en ningún premio para Anfitriona.

Your Hostess can earn the Hostess Exclusive for free, or at a discount, by having a Jewelry Bar® with at least 4 guest orders and a retail value of at least $250. Discount will vary depending on final retail total of Jewelry Bar.


¿Cómo mi Anfitriona gana la más reciente Exlcusiva para Anfitriona?

Tu Anfitriona puede ganar la Exclusiva para Anfitriona organizando al menos 4 Eventos de Joyería, mínimo de cuatro invitados c.u. y generando al menos $250 de ventas. El descuento variará dependiendo

Yes. Designers who have voluntarily cancelled, or been deactivated, for six (6) calendar months are required to purchase a new Starter Kit. Re-enrolling Designers are considered new again, and eligible to receive the monthly Designer Exclusive. To re-enroll, visit > Join Us > select the Starter Kit > enter your Mentor preference > select “Yes” then “Rejoin Our Team” > enter your Designer ID and the email address previously on file to complete re-enrollment.

Yes. Sponsors are guaranteed to receive one (1) Designer Exclusive. If more than one is earned, substitutions may apply. Available while supplies last.


*Other promotional terms and conditions may apply.

Yes, any new Independent Designer enrolling (or re-enrolling) during the qualification period will receive the Designer Exclusive.