Spring 2018 Collection FAQs (14)

CRYSTALS   Swarovski Fine Crystal Rocks

MATERIAL   High quality Alcantara

TIPS   Bracelet fastens using a stainless-steel post.  To help break-in the desired pinhole, test out the post a few times before putting on wrist.

Comfort and ease of fastening will improve with use.

Items from the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection will be available through the end of July.

  • SKU: SP1111
  • Retail Value: $332 USD | $413 CAD
  • Wholesale Price: $192 USD | $240 CAD
  • PV: 192


*Spring 2018 Must Haves Product Pack is limited to two (2) packs per order.

**Does not include Take Out Menus (TOMs). TOMs are available separately during the pre-sale.

***Spring 2018 Must Haves Product Pack will go offline on January 31, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time (CT) or while supplies last.

The Spring 2018 Must Haves Pack includes key pieces from our Spring 2018 Collection.


1 BR6007 6 3/4″ Silver Bangle for Twist Bangle Locket
1 LK3006 Medium Silver Bangle Locket with Crystals
1 CN4016 32-34″ Silver Aqua Beaded Chain
1 NL1001 16-18″ Silver “Everything Happens for a Reason” Bar Necklace
1 BZ4051 Large Silver Aqua Prism Twist Living Locket Face
1 LK4002 Large Silver Twist Living Locket Base
1 WN1028 Large Silver Crystal Quatrefoil Window Shelf
1 WN1029 Large Silver Tree of Life Window Plate with Swarovski Crystals
1 CH1888 Blush Shimmer Stardust Swarovski Crystals
1 CH1887 Aqua Shimmer Stardust Swarovski Crystals
1 CH1073 Silver Aqua Ombre Butterfly Charm
1 CH4136 Silver Tree of Life Charm
1 CH1071 Silver Cat Charm
1 CH7046 Avocado Charm
1 CH4137 Succulent in White Pot Charm
1 CH4131 Hibiscus Charm
1 CH6066 Silver Mama Charm
1 CH1070 Gold Bumble Bee Charm
1 CH2612 Chill Pill Charm
1 CH4133 Silver Moon with Crystals Charm
1 CH6065 Silver Family Charm
1 CH9046 Silver Love {Heart} Charm
1 CH7048 Cupcake with Sprinkles Charm
1 CH1072 Monkey Charm
1 CH4132 Gold Sun Charm
1 CH9047 Rose Gold Heart Charm
1 CH4135 Silver Rain Cloud Charm
1 CH1069 Llama Charm
1 CH4138 Cherry Blossom Flower Charm
1 CH7045 Red Wine Glass Charm
1 CH2611 Gold Aviator Sunglasses Charm
1 CH2609 Silver Feather Charm

  • SKU: SA7033
  • Wholesale Price: $11 USD | $14 CAD
  • PV: 0


*Spring/Summer 2018 TOMs are limited to 100 per SKU per order.

  • SKU: OF1004/OF1008CA
  • Wholesale Price: $5 USD | $7 CAD
  • PV: 0


*Customer Order Forms are limited to 100 per SKU per order.

This Wrap Bracelet is a single strand that wraps around the wrist twice. You can adjust the sizing by inserting the Crystal Stud Closure into one (1) of the three (3) pin holes.

The base is made of high-quality Alcantara Fabric. This wrap does not contain leather. To maintain integrity of the fabric, we do not advise getting the Wrap Bracelet wet.

The Silver Bangle works with the Medium Silver Bangle Twist Locket with Crystals (formerly known as the “Over the Heart” Locket) and fits wrists up to 7″.

First open the Locket with the hinge, then lift the key portion out of its setting. Close the Locket again to wear as a simple quatrefoil Locket.

The face of the Prism Twist Locket is made of glass. It is important to know that it should be handled with care, as it is a delicate piece. The stones on the bezel are indeed Swarovski Crystals.

The Mini, Medium and Large Classic Hinged Living Lockets do not work with this Chain.

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