Can I get a trademarked name on my Inscriptions Items?

At this time we cannot accept any trademarked name or tag line as part of an Inscriptions order. You can still express your story by using general terms and complete your story with charms!



NOT ACCEPTABLE                                      ACCEPTABLE

#1 Ohio State Buckeye Fan!                             #1 Buckeye Fan!

I love the Phoenix Suns!                                     I love the Suns!

Girl Scouts of America Rocks!                          Scouts Rock!

Disneyland Vacation 2015                                 Vacation 2015

New England Patriots                                        Pee Wee Patriots

Arizona State Class of 2015                               Class of 2015

#1 Pfizer Sales Team                                           #1 Sales Team

I <3 Taylor Swift                                                   I <3 Taylor or I <3 country music

Kappa Alpha Theta or KAΘ                               Theta