How do I input an order for a Monogram?

Please refer to the Template “l” of your Take‐out Menu or on Please note that the Monogram font is in UPPERCASE only.

For example:

To the Lovebirds:
The bride’s first initial, the couple’s surname initial, the groom’s first initial
J is for Jennifer
S is for their surname, Smith
D is for David

For the Single Ladies:
Her first initial, her surname initial, her middle initial
M is for Mary
H is for Mary’s surname, Harris
K is for Mary’s middle name, Katherine

For the Wives:
Her first initial, her married surname initial, her maiden surname initial
L is for Linda
T is for Linda’s married surname, Taylor
A is for Linda’s maiden surname, Anderson

Make it His:
His first initial, his surname initial, his middle initial
W is for William
S is for William’s surname, Scott
J is for William’s middle name, James

For the Little Ones:
His or her first initial, his or her middle initial, his or her surname initial
E is for their daughter, Emily
C is for Emily’s middle name, Claire
B is for Emily’s surname, Brown