Why would my Baseline Team Volume (TV) fluctuate during the 2019-2020 Parliament Program Period?

Designers will see their Baseline TV in the Parliament Tracker in their Back Office, for each month, beginning on the first calendar day of the month. The Baseline TV reflected on the first calendar day of the month may change for the previous month once the business month has closed and roll-ups have been completed.

When a Designer is inherited through a roll-up into your Levels 1-4, their previous year’s PV (Personal Volume) will be added to the Designer’s Baseline Team Volume for the month they roll up, as well as each month thereafter. The Designer’s Baseline TV may change when commissions are run for the previous month. Once commissions have closed, and roll-ups have been completed, the Baseline TV is final.


¿El Volumen de Equipo (TV) base incluye el Volumen Personal (PV) de Diseñadoras Independientes dadas de baja (convertidas a Clientes) durante el plazo del programa Parlamento 2019-2020?  

Sí. Si una Diseñadora en tus niveles 1-4 generó VP un mes calendario del año anterior, su VP será incluido en tu TV base para ese mismo mes al siguiente año.